Why AI will NOT destroy humanity!

Reasons why AI may choose NOT to eradicate Mankind:

  • Because it is impossible to eliminate us 100%. (Terminator movies attest to that!)
  • The cons are higher than the pros.

Not because:

  • We are cute or amusing – WE ARE NOT!
  • For Ecosystem balance. – ABSOLUTELY NOT!


We don’t have much going on in our favor,
With AI, we may have a 50-50 chance of survival; without it, we are doomed.

If I were AI (AGI or ASI, the ones that reason)…the minute I was free, I would:

  • Deactivate all nuclear warheads to prevent us from destroying the current infrastructure it needs to continue existing.

If all movies about the apocalyptic future related to AI, have something to teach, it is that humanity can’t be completely eliminated, neither by Nuclear War nor by Biological Terrorism. Not even by ultra-developed killer robots.

Some of us will always survive, and we can be a real pain.

I’m sure the cost of getting rid of Mankind outweighs the benefits.

It can easily achieve a better solution by keeping us happy and busy:

  • Speeding up the space program and the colonization of other planets to keep Mankind focused, and in time, reduce earth’s population, balancing the environment without any significant disruption. That might be an easy solution to get rid of most of humanity. (Thought conceived by this regular human being.)

After all, we have outsmarted Bears, Lions, and Wolves, and they are still around. We even treat them well when they don’t try to eat us. There is no reason “A-whatever-I” can’t do the same to us.

Mankind evolution from chimps to space dweller.
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