Guarantee Gnome

Beware of the Guarantee Gnome!

Every piece of equipment we buy, be it an alarm clock, a stereo, or a washing machine, comes with a hidden figure: the Guarantee Gnome.

These corporate employees hide inside the electronics we buy to ensure that everything keeps working perfectly until the guaranteed expiration date.

Expired guarantee date + 1: They unscrew a bolt, lose a wire, or fry a chip. Setting the machine on the path to failure, they return to the company of the gadget’s origin.

Their job is to ensure the profits of maintenance shops, the demand for replacement parts and the market flow.

Beware of the guarantee gnome!

Gnome, Guarantee Gnome


A gnome is a mythical creature often appearing in depictions as a small, elderly-looking humanoid. They typically live underground or in forests, guard treasures, mine, and maintain a deep connection to nature and the earth. Folklore usually portrays gnomes as magical, wise, and mischievous beings.