Modern Phobias

Modern and old Phobias are real and a heavy burden that limits the lives of those afflicted. They are often treated with a combination of therapy, lifestyle changes, and, in some cases, medication.”

Dear Chaos,

Thanks for our immense ability to classify and categorize everything.

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This skill helps us make sense of the world by organizing information into manageable and relatable groups.

These are a few of the new and improved modern PHOBIAS of the 21st century. They are often related to technology, the internet, social media, and global issues—in other words, everyday life.


Fear of being without a mobile phone or outside of mobile phone contact. This phobia reflects the increasing dependency on smartphones in modern life.


Fear of computers and new technologies is not just an older generation fear. Tech-savvy individuals can also develop anxieties related to the rapid pace of technological change.


A broader fear of advanced technology and complex devices. This fear can include anything from smartphones to artificial intelligence.

Phantom Vibration Syndrome

The sensation of feeling your phone vibrate when it hasn’t, which can be a symptom of mobile phone dependency.

Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety stemming from the use of social media platforms. It’s often related to the pressure of maintaining a particular image or the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Digital Eye Stain

Not a phobia, but a related concern. Discomfort after spending prolonged periods in front of digital screens, reflecting the screen-centric nature of modern work and leisure.

Fear os Missing Out (FOMO)

Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may be happening elsewhere. It is caused mainly by posts seen on social media.


Worry about ecological disasters and the future of the environment. Global climate change and its media coverage intensify this fear.


Fear of expressing opinions or personal information online. The risk of attack or “doxxing” (the malicious publication of private information) is the reason for it.

Online Privacy Anxiety

 Concern over personal data security and privacy on the internet, particularly with the rise of data breaches and identity theft.Dear Chaos,

These modern phobias are a response to changes in society and technology. They highlight the stressors and anxiety of our world.

We keep evolving on the challenges of being alive.

(List of Phobias compiled by Chat GPT)

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