For bed time:

Night Prayer

Dear Chaos, master of fate,
As I lay, I beg to wake.
Pause time on lights out.
Put my mind on a halt.

Make it count, please no sheep,
Gently dose me into sleep.
No dreams to disturb,
No slam, no loo to disrupt.

And when the time comes,
too soon, as it always does.
Call me up for the alarm,
Fit and ready by a charm.


Please make my body, mind, and soul rest the 8 hours they need in the 4 I can spear to sleep.

Morning Prayer


Dear Chaos,

I would very much appreciate it if next Year the following could come true:

More money and less worries;
More food and less calories;
Strong coffee, stronger Wi-Fi;
Long-lasting phone battery;
Remembering online passwords and where the car is parked;
Less awkward video calls;
More laughs and less drama;
365 days of good hair days.

While we wait for AI to finally clean the house, do the dishes, take out the trash and walk the dog.

Happy New Year!


Before… there was a big mess of things…

… it never ended!